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Published by Albany Creek Leisure Centre : 11-07-2017

Group Fitness Class Changes

Group Fitness Class Changes

Grit Cardio is changing from Tuesday 9.30am to Thursday 10.15am.  This will be a “4 week trial”.  This will replace the Zumba class at this time.

Thursday 10.15am Zumba is being cancelled.  There is a Tuesday, Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning option for other Zumba classes.

Tuesday morning 6am Express Body Step is being cancelled.

Wednesday night 6pm Step Class is being moved to Tuesday night at 7pm.  This will be a “4 week trial”.

Boxing will commence at 6pm Wednesday nights to replace the Step class.  This will be a “4 week trial”. 

Thursday morning 6am Express WOD class is being cancelled.

These changes will be made with a new timetable effective from the week ommencing Monday 24/7/17.


News Summary

The following changes will be made to the timetable during this month.

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