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At the Albany Creek Leisure Centre we offer a comprehensive swimming program for all levels of swimming. We offer four squads, ranging from junior development squad to our National level squad.

Albany Creek Squad Program

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Albany Creek Squad Program


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The New Long Term Competition and Training model that has been implemented into our Squad Program has a number of holistic benefits. It is a Swimming Queensland initiative and the aim of the model is to ensure that children are introduced to certain types of training at the appropriate time. This is referred to as "Critical periods of trainability" and requires careful consideration and planning by our coaches. In order for long term success to take place it is essential that children are nurtured accordingly and that desirable progressions are not rushed or overlooked. It is detrimental to your child's swimming if they are moved into the next group before they are ready.


The junior groups need to develop their motor skills by improving their co-ordination and buoyancy. The aim is NOT to create unnecessary fatigue as this only leads to poor technique. The emphasis must be on skill and drill development which will assist with stroke technique and body awareness. It is essential that GREAT HABITS are taught at a young age and therefore "perfect practice" is the key to creating "perfect results". As the children progress through our squads, stroke drills move from being very simple to a little more complex and the distances covered in training increase. TECHNIQUE comes before AEROBIC development. This means that great technique over shorter distances is far more beneficial than poor technique over longer distances. The latter only instils bad habits. As the children progress through the squads they become more competent at maintaining their technique over longer distances. 


The Long term Competition and Training Model also highlights what competition events should be trained for at each squad level and what energy systems should be targeted. The Aerobic system is developed through the Junior, Intermediate, State Development and State squads. The National squad is introduced to more Anaerobic forms of training whilst still developing and maintaining their aerobic capacities.


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